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Superintendents’ Salary Comparison

May 10, 2010

Compare the cost of our administration with other districts in the state! Note especially the relative student size of our district to others that also have highly compensated administration. How can we justify such high compensation to someone who came to this position with no prior experience–especially considering that our previous superintendent, with 22 years of superintendent level experience, was contracted at a much lower base salary? Dr. Michael Pomarico was hired in 2006 for $150,000 per year. In contrast, Dr. Raymond Blanch took over the position six months later, with only 4 months of experience as an assistant superintendent. He currently makes $162,150. Are we getting what we are paying for? According to the CEA report card issued each fall, D38 has consistently ranked 10-11% higher for administrative compensation, and 10% lower pay for teachers, compared to the state average.

Superintendents' Salary Comparison

Source: View From the Peak Fall 2009, Pikes Peak Education Association

A recent article from the Gazette that relates to this issue says this:

D-2’s Miles gets paid more than most other superintendents
March 16th, 2010, 3:01 pm · 10 Comments · posted by bnoreen

Harrison School District 2 Superintendent Mike Miles gets a base salary of $183,600 a year. Harrison has two high schools and far fewer students than Colorado Springs School District 11 Superintendent Nicholas Gledich is paid $180,000 a year. Lewis-Palmer District 38 Superintendent Raymond Blanch gets $162,150 a year; Academy School District Superintendent Mark Hatchell gets $197,000, but it needs to be pointed out that Academy is a much larger district than is Harrison. In Falcon School District 49, Superintendent Bradley Sch0eppey gets $180,000.

The remainder of the article can be read by clicking on the title above. It has the full contract for the superintendent of District 2. We encourage you to read the comments left by viewers at the end of the article. They are mostly left by teachers or former teachers and there are many similarities to what is going on in our district.

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