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Highlights – Board of Education May 20,2010

May 29, 2010

The full document of the Highlights of the May 20, 2010 Board of Education Regular meeting is posted below. (For the original source, click here to view Highlights or use our link under External Links in the sidebar for the District 38 Board of Education homepage.)

Note: Items are listed out of order from actual meeting agenda.

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010

These highlights contain basic information about the major issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.
They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.

Update regarding long-range planning task force – Mr. Steve Braun, newly appointed chairperson for the DAAC (District Accountability Advisory Committee), presented a job description to be considered when selecting the facilitator for the long-range planning task force. He also requested that the Board create a list of goals for the task force to address.

Update regarding outsourcing Food Services – Hal Garland, Director of  Auxiliary Services, and Karen Shuman, OAC (Operations Advisory Committee) member, presented recommendations from the outsourcing committee. Without identifying a specific vendor, the committee requested the Board’s permission to pursue the forerunner in more depth. It is anticipated the Board will be asked to take formal action regarding outsourcing Food Services at the June Board meeting.

Consider/approve salary wage schedules for the 2010-11 school year – Mrs. Wangeman, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, presented salary and wage schedules for all District personnel for next school year. A salary freeze is still in effect and the Board’s motion to approve the schedules noted the details of this freeze.

Consider/approve budget adjustments for 2009-10 – Mrs. Wangeman requested additional budget adjustments for fiscal year 2009-10, due to expenditure and revenue changes for the local, state, and federal grant funds. She also presented a final summary sheet for the Board’s approval.

Consider/approve capital reserve project expenditures for 2009-10 – Mrs. Wangeman requested funding for capital reserve projects, previously slated for 2010-11, be allowed for 2009-10, to complete the District’s reconfiguration plan in preparation for next school year. She also reported the Tri-Lakes community is coming forward with financial support and volunteer labor to help build the new playground at Bear Creek Elementary School.

Presentation of proposed 2010-11 fiscal year school district budget – Mrs. Wangeman presented the preliminary budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year for the Board’s review, prior to the public hearing and formal vote on June 17th. The Board discussed the potential impact of passage of the November ballot initiatives, as well as practical measures such as refinancing current leases.

The Board approved routine matters concerning personnel, finances, and District operations, including approval of liability and pollution control insurance providers for 2010-11. The Board also approved the contract with Pikes Peak Community College for 33 students to participate in the Area Vocation Program.

Sixth grade transition update – Dr. Trees, Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning, stated much progress has been made in completing plans to include sixth graders in the elementary buildings beginning this next school year. Exploratories have been identified and developed at each site and include offerings such as band, physical education, art, music, and technology. Additional site-specific courses may be offered. Intensive math and twice intensive math (for gifted students) will also be delivered at each site.

Superintendent’s update – Dr. Blanch updated the Board regarding the possible move to a four-day work week for six weeks this summer for employees in the District administration building. He will discuss this idea at a future staff meeting with support personnel to survey their input on the matter. He also highlighted his recent meeting with Senator Mark Scheffel, who visited the District to tour Lewis-Palmer High School and to meet with students.

Board member comments – Jeff Ferguson has been appointed as the school board representative on the OAC. He stated the OAC is concerned about the growing list of capital project needs in light of a decreasing budget. The OAC has suggested that perhaps the District could retain a percentage of per pupil discretionary funding to address these project needs – building maintenance, and bus and technology purchases – releasing less of this funding to each individual school. The Board members discussed this possibility and requested additional information for consideration at a future meeting.

Katie DuBois, Nutritional Services Supervisor, encouraged the Board members to consider the consequences of outsourcing food services for the District when the current program appears to be financially stable and successful. She highlighted many positive examples of the quality food and services that have been provided by the existing program and personnel. Sue Cioppa, Food Services Manager, also addressed the topic of outsourcing. She cited alleged violations connected to a particular food services provider, and stated her personal concerns regarding the prevention of food borne illnesses. Nicole Chillino, reporter for The Tribune, announced she will be leaving her media position to return to school to pursue a teaching certificate. She noted that the time she spent covering LPSD meetings and events, and specifically watching a student presentation, inspired her to become a teacher. She commended and thanked the Board and the District for having such a positive influence in her personal life. Ana Konduris, Woodmoor resident, submitted a document for inclusion in the public record of the minutes of this meeting. She addressed statements within the Board’s governance policy that define treatment of students, parents/guardians, and community members. She voiced her opinion regarding the District’s and school board’s response to citizen inquiries. The following six individuals each read an anonymous letter from a third party addressing the topic of teacher morale: Reid Bolander, Chris Amenson, Michelle Asher, Jerry Bichsel, Carol Hiemke, and Carolyn Laband.

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