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Updates – 7 June 2010

June 7, 2010

Please see updates made recently to the Awareness Campaign page – including information on the District’s Public Hearing of the 2010-11 Proposed Budget.

Also note that there will not be “Highlights” posted by the District for the June 3 Special Work Session of the Board of Education. They only do Highlights for the Regular Meetings held each month. Official minutes will be posted, but they usually only include the official motions, actions, and votes, as required by State statute. And those minutes must be officially approved by vote at a subsequent meeting, so they will not be made available until sometime after June 17.

The Our Community News publication gives a fair reporting of District meetings, but the reports for June meetings will not be published until the July issue.

This site is compiling notes from recordings and community members in attendance for a post on the June 3 meeting.

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