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June 17th, 2010 BoE Meeting Recap (updated 6-18-10)

June 17, 2010

The “Highlights” of this meeting will be posted when the District makes them available. Because the nature of the issues addressed at the meeting are of such importance, here is brief recap:

  • The proposed budget for the school year 2010-11 was approved.
  • Several comments were made by members of the public in support of Superintendent Blanch and that questioned the Board about their activities, plans and communications.
  • The Board “approved the mutual agreement that has been worked out with Dr. Blanch, whereby the Board accepts his resignation, effective June 30, 2010.” All 5 members of the Board voted to accept the motion.
  • Director Gail Wilson spoke before she gave her vote, noting that she was part of the Board that hired Dr. Blanch, adding it was a decision she does not regret. She applauded Dr. Blanch for his service. She said the message she most wanted all to hear was, “So forward I must look… D-38 is moving forward and will not, and in truth, cannot dwell in the past… We are moving forward as we must, and as our students deserve. To that end, it is with deep regret, that I accept this resignation.”
  • Board President Mann thanked Dr. Blanch for what he’s done for D-38, especially on the District’s Strategic Vision which he established. He also said that he looked forward to building on his successes, because this is about the children and he looked forward to making D-38 an even better district in the future as we move forward.
  • Board Vice-President Pike wanted to be sure that the public understood that matters of personnel were “sacred ground” in nature.  He spoke on the important reasons for this and that it was his job to protect this for all employees. He said no one would ever hear more from him on this than, “It’s a personnel matter.”
  • Board Secretary Ferguson said that, “Ray’s worked really hard for kids. He likes kids. He cares for kids. And I really appreciate the effort he’s put forward in helping the kids in District 38.”
  • Board Treasurer Mark Pfoff noted that the Board has spent a lot of time making some tough decisions and he does not look forward to any of those decisions that they have to make. They’ve had to meet numerous times in Executive Session to discuss personnel matters and they’ve respected the individuals who they’ve discussed. He said, “Out of respect for Dr. Blanch, I will have no discussions concerning the decision that 5 individual Board members representing this community made a decision on.”
  • Board President Mann explained that the Board is going to appoint an “acting superintendent” to assist with transition, to perform the duties of the superintendent while the Board hires an interim superintendent. They anticipate the interim superintendent to serve for the 2010-11 school year while a national search is conducted for a replacement.
  • The Board approved routine items of business on the consent agenda and adjourned the meeting shortly before 7:00p.m.
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