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State Board of Education Upcoming Vote may Adopt National Common Core Standards

July 27, 2010

As noted on The Awareness Campaign page, there are many legislative issues pending that affect our Colorado Schools. One of them is consideration to adopt national Common Core Standards. Below is a copy of an email submitted by a member of the public from our local Congressional District Representative, Peggy Littleton. She is opposed to adoption of these standards and is asking for support against such a decision.

DIRECTION 38! fundamentally supports local control of our schools, and therefore encourages everyone to become informed about this issue and act according to their own opinion. Although the information provided is one-sided and also political in nature, the reference information is relevant and helpful.

(In an email sent to a member of the public from our school district, dated Monday, July 26, 2010)

Dear Friends of Freedom, if you are receiving this, it means that you have written the State Board of Education with your concerns regarding the State BOE’s decision they will make regarding the consideration of the adoption of the Common Core standards on August 2nd. CDE has received over 400 letters so far and I am asking you to make one last effort to have your friends weigh in by tomorrow. (The 28th is the last day to receive public comment!) Some of you (I need more to commit to this!) have committed to attend a public hearing if one is held at CDE (201 E Colfax, Denver, CO) on August 2nd. The board chairman, Bob Schaffer, has not yet committed to having a forum to allow for public comment. At this point, it seems that he is leaning towards selling our kids off to the national Common Core via a phone conference call! PLEASE, follow action items 1-3 below ASAP. Our children’s future is at stake!!


Peggy Littleton

CO State BOE 5th Congressional Dist

Act by July 28TH, 2010!

On August 2nd

The Colorado State Board of Education will vote to adopt either:

1) The Colorado Model Content Standards


2) The National Common Core Standards

Do you wish to retain educational choice for your children?


Will you let the Colorado State Board of Education vote to give control of your children’s education to the federal government?

Three effective actions:

1) Forward this e-mail to everyone you know in Colorado today!  Help this effort continue to go viral!!

2) Send a brief email (or letter) to the CO State Board of Education.

• Explain why you do NOT want the National Common Core Standards adopted. (The links and information in the following segments of this email may be helpful in your writing.)

• Send your E-mail to:

state.board@cde.state.co.us and cc: PeggyCOStateBOE@msn.com (to ensure all emails are accounted for)

3) E-mail Peggy Littleton (PeggyCOStateBOE@msn.com) to let her know that if a public hearing were to be held on August 2nd in Denver, you will attend.

• Bob Schaffer, the chairman of the CO State Board of Education, will schedule a public meeting IF I can guarantee the hearing room will be packed.

• Only Peggy Littleton and Marcia Neal have committed to vote against adoption. This is two out of seven board members.

Information included and attached to email:
The Colorado Model Content Standards.

Colorado Department of Education, News Release, December 10, 2009: Colorado State Board Of Education Adopts New Content Standards Unanimously; Spells Out New Expectations For Student Learning.

What are the Common Core Standards?


• Peggy Littleton joined State Senator Michael Johnston on an episode of Jon Caldara’s show Devil’s Advocate to discuss the Race to the Top’s requirement to sign on to National Common Core standards. Click on the link to the YouTube playlist for the debate.

Colorado’s Race to the Top Phase 1 and Phase 2 Documents.

• All CO schools – yes, even charter schools! – will be committed to using the Common Core! Pay particular attention to pgs 69 and 76.

The National Common Core Standards.

• Be prepared to be indoctrinated!

Why do we NOT want national standards?

The Heritage Foundation, The Foundry, Morning Bell: Time to Stand Up to the National Standards Agenda (June 21st, 2010)

• It’s against the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment: “The powers NOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

• It’s against the CO State Constitution: Article IX, Section 15 states, “local school boards shall have control of instruction in the public schools of their respective districts.”

• Flies in the face of freedom, liberty, and local control.

• If national Common Core are adopted, the inevitability will be national COMMON CURRICULUM.

• CO would have a problem with the level of ‘specifics’ in the standards that are like curricula. Local districts choose curricula.

• In the current draft, many of the standards are ‘conceptual’ and not consistent. Who modifies the standards? To whom is the USDOE accountable? How often will they morph?

• Common Core is not yet finalized, revisions are continually being made by entities outside CO. Very vague.

• “Voluntary” adoption, yet states are required to have their boards of education adopt (or not) the Common Core within 90 days of release of the latest draft!

• Right now we hear the enticement of adopting the National Common Core as, “Certainly we can all agree with common math and English/writing standards.” But, the USDOE has not issued any document as of this date stating what it means to ‘sign on’ to the Common Core. How long would it be before we have revisionist history made compulsory?

• If the true intent of the USDOE is to ensure that there is a ‘bar above which all states must be able to jump,’ why will they not allow the states to check a box that says their STATE standards ‘meet or exceed’ the Common Core? The districts that ‘win’ RTT funds will now be spending more money than they bring in on compliance. In tight economic times is this a wise purchase?

• Are we willing to sell out CO’s kids for a mere $50.00 per pupil per year for only 4 years?

• “The philosophy in the classroom this generation will be the philosophy in government the next generation.”

• The further away the decision is from the child, the less effective and poorer the decision will be.

Why would a State Board member vote for the National Common Core Standards?

1) Money!

• The Federal Department of Education (DOE) is fishing for states that will be lured by the juicy worm of $$$ to swallow the adoption of national standards!

• If Colorado were to win Phase Two of “Race to the Top,” the award would be at most $175 million – $50 per student per year for four years for Colorado’s 857,243 students.

• (Note: Congress recently voted to reduce the Race to The Top funds by $800 million, so the promise of $$$ is slipping away, but states will already be locked into using the Common Core!)

2) Some say the federal government already has our money and we should try to get it back. Are we willing to sacrifice our children? Are Colorado’s kids for sale?

3) Some think it is noble to have all kids learning the same thing nationally. But remember that the philosophy in the classroom today will be the philosophy of government the next generation! Isn’t this about the federal government usurping state authority?

4) It’s only English and Math, surely we can agree what all children nationally should know in these content areas, right? Well, hang on, because once these are adopted, history, science, health and sex-ed are right behind on the list.

Heed the call!


Peggy Littleton

CO State Board of Education



Common Core Alignment timeline

Letter to State Board template

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