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Highlights D-38 Board of Education Meeting November 18, 2010

December 15, 2010


These highlights contain basic information about the major issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.
They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.

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Lisa Simms and Gerri Maixner, co-presidents of the Tri-Lakes Women‟s Club, were in attendance to receive thank you commendation for the TLWC‟s support of the District. The TLWC donated grant funding to several schools/departments in the total amount of $21,606.46 for the current school year.

Jim Kerby, D38 warehouse lead/health and safety, received special recognition from the school board for his role in securing a $500 safety award from the District‟s workman‟s comp insurance provider. Mr. Kerby pursued the purchase of heavy, magnetic „caution-wet floor‟ signage for use throughout the District. The D38 Safety Committee reports these signs have been effective in preventing injuries and promoting safety.


Planning Task Force update – The superintendent reported that 19 people attended the initial Task Force meeting on November 15th. The group, facilitated by Steve Stephenson, has been charged with addressing four questions/topics: 1) What are ways/ideas to save money without reducing staff? 2) Present ideas in terms of saving dollars without cutting any instructional staff. 3) How can the District generate revenue? 4) If D38 should have to reorganize or reconfigure, what might this look like and how could it happen? The Task Force will report to the Board members at a work session in February.
Consider/approve staff bonus – Mr. Bauman presented a plan for a one-time staff bonus for assistant principals, certified teachers, and classified support staff. After discussion, the Board members amended the proposal to include all D38 staff. Administrators will receive a flat $400 bonus; all other staff members will receive a percentage of their current wages, ranging from 0.5% to 1.25%, based upon their number of years of service in the District. The total amount of funds distributed will be slightly more than $200,000. The Board emphasized they realize this is a small token of appreciation, but hope it is a message of encouragement to staff.
Director of Assessment and Student Achievement job description – Dr. Marie Revak, Director of Assessment, will be retiring at the end of the 2010-11 school year. Dr. Shirley Trees, Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning, described the current position and explained how valuable assessment data is to instructional staff. She pointed out this is a “relationship” position and involves a great deal of decision-making and collaboration with staff. The job description for the revised position of Director of Assessment and Student Achievement was presented to the Board members for review.
District Accountability Advisory Committee update – Steve Braun, co-chair, presented an update to the Board regarding current DAAC activities. He stated the Committee has removed the portion of the DAAC charge dealing with academic integrity, noting that though the DAAC believes this is an important topic to address, the Committee members have been unable to determine a specific focus/approach to this complex issue at this time.
Superintendent search timeline and process update – The Board members reviewed the timeline and process for the search for a new superintendent. A brochure advertising the position has been created by CASB (Colorado Association of School Boards) and will be made available at the state-wide CASB Convention to be held in Colorado Springs in early December. The Board anticipates conducting interviews in mid-February. The names of candidates selected for interviews will be announced publically at that time to allow for public input as required by law.
Consider/approve adjustments to 2010-11 budget – The Board members approved budget revisions to reflect actual carryover, encumbrances, and reserves status for all funds for 2010-11. Mrs. Wangeman, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, noted that capital reserve spending has shifted from funding major projects to covering only minimum spending to keep buildings open and operational.
Big Red lease refinance discussion – In August, the Board approved refinancing the combined Big Red leases. These leases paid for the remodeling of the D38 administration building and provided for more efficient energy use and related upgrades throughout the District. Mrs. Wangeman and David Bell, financial consultant from Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, were present to discuss the options now available regarding the refinance and the additional working capital obtained. Mrs. Wangeman will attend a future school board meeting to provide details and recommendations regarding this additional capital.
Audit Committee report and audit findings – Mrs. Wangeman commented that the Audit Committee recently reviewed the annual audit report and recommended the report for approval by the Board of Education. Wendy Swanhorst, partner with the independent auditing firm of Swanhorst and Company, presented the report of the annual District audit, which was conducted in August of 2010. She stated auditors found no sufficient inconsistencies or deficiencies with internal controls or compliance with federal monies. A few minor recommendations for improvement will be presented in the final report.


Policy revisions – Bob Foster, Director of Personnel and Student Services, presented minor revisions to the following operational policies for the Board‟s information: ADF-School Wellness; EFEA-Nutritious Food Choices; and, GC-Professional Staff. These revisions were necessary to bring District policy in compliance with state law or to coincide with current District practices. The changes to these operational policies did not require formal Board approval under policy governance.
2011-12 school calendar update – Robin Adair, Community Relations Manager and member of the D38 Calendar Committee, reminded the Board members that finalization of the 2011-12 calendar was put on hold until after the November election. The District is considering options that might allow for savings in the area of reducing heating and/or air conditioning costs, as well as a later start date. The administration is also considering ways to rearrange the calendar to the benefit of staff without losing student contact time. Draft versions of the calendar will be available soon for Board consideration.
Dashboard – Mrs. Wangeman presented the monthly dashboard report for the Board‟s review. This document summarizes enrollment numbers and free-and-reduced meals statistics, as well as budget information detailing expenditures and revenue. She stated the District has budgeted $445,000 for unemployment compensation.
October 1st student count enrollment update – Mrs. Wangeman observed that until the economy turns around, we can expect to see a continuing decline in student enrollment.
Board member comments – Ms. Wilson and Dr. Ferguson will be attending the upcoming CASB Convention in Colorado Springs in December. Dr. Ferguson recommended the Board members allocate serious time to discuss what it means to be Lewis-Palmer as there is concern LPSD might lose connection to its heritage and values. Mr. Pike visited the middle school and reported the intramural sports system is paying dividends. He stated participation is fantastic and the feedback has been positive. Mr. Mann visited Kilmer Elementary School recently and noted the positive energy within the school. He also commended the Finance Department for their work and efforts resulting in such a successful audit.


The Board approved routine matters concerning personnel, finances, and District operations.

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