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LPSD #38 Board of Education January 2011 Highlights

February 2, 2011

Here are the Highlights published by the Lewis-Palmer School District for its January Board of Education meeting as well as the article published in The Tribune about the meeting. Our Community News will also give a report on the meeting in its February 5th edition.

Also included at the end of this post is a copy of the Superintendent Search Timeline document published by the District.


These highlights contain basic information about the key issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.
They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.

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Student recognition: Alpine essay champion and finalists – The following students were present for acknowledgment by the Board for their participation in the Alpine Achievement Systems Essay Contest:
Steven Panoncillo (PWES 6th grade) – Middle School Champion
Anna Rokke (PWES 6th grade) – Middle School Finalist
Adam Teske (PLES 6th grade) – Middle School Finalist
Students were directed to write about a school-related achievement they are particularly proud of. Steven won $500 for himself and $500 for his school’s library. Family members, teachers, and principals were also in attendance as special guests.

Special Education report: culturally linguistically diverse student identification – Mary Anne Fleury, Director of Special Education, presented the report and related policies/procedures for Board approval. She commented that proper identification of the culturally and/or linguistically diverse student with special education needs is truly a collaboration between the Special Education and English Language Learner departments.

ELL (English Language Learner) Language Enhancement and Achievement Plan – Stephanie Johnson, ELL Facilitator, presented this plan for Board approval prior to an upcoming federal review. She noted that D38 is currently providing ELL services to 261 students, representing 37 different languages. Anais Cruz, 6th grade ELL student at Palmer Lake Elementary School, read a speech to the Board members thanking the ELL program for helping her learn English. Adult language learners Ji Hyeun from South Korea and Neela Zubarev from Russia were also present to speak to the Board, commending the ELL programs and teachers. Ms. Johnson indicated that D38 receives approximately $88,000 in combined federal and state funding for ELL programming; however, the District spends over $400,000 to meet the needs of ELL students.

Superintendent search update with Bob Cito – Bob Cito, superintendent search facilitator from CASB (Colorado Association of School Boards), was present to update the Board regarding the status of the search process. The posting for the D38 superintendent has closed and CASB received 23 applications. Mr. Cito will meet with the Board in executive session to narrow down the list of finalists.

First reading of 2011-12 calendar – Robin Adair, Community Relations Manager, and Superintendent Ted Bauman presented the draft 2011-12 calendar to the Board members for their review prior to final consideration at the February school board meeting. They answered questions from Board members and noted the first day of school for students will be August 23rd. Mr. Bauman explained this calendar version benefits student learning and also provides cost savings in the areas of utilities and transportation.

Gifted and Talented Education report: CDE (Colorado Dept. of Education) review – Susan Anderson, D38 Gifted Education Facilitator, presented information from the recent CDE review of GT programming in the District. She explained the current categories of GT recognition, noting that performing arts, visual arts, creativity, and leadership will soon be added as additional areas for GT identification. Ms. Anderson stated D38 receives approximately $70,000 from CDE to support GT programming, but actually spends an additional $375,000 to provide GT services for students.

Dashboard – Mrs. Wangeman presented the monthly dashboard report for the Board’s review. This document summarizes enrollment numbers and free-and-reduced meals statistics, as well as budget information detailing expenditures and revenue. She stated enrollment is still up 19 students from the amount budgeted for this school year. Mr. Bauman commented that the Planning Task Force has created a sub committee to study utility costs.

Superintendent update – Local businesses have sponsored the purchase of five 15’ by 3’ promotional banners to be displayed throughout the District. Angela Dougan, D38 parent and volunteer, was instrumental in obtaining the funding for these banners. Mr. Bauman commented on a variety of issues related to open enrollment, including the information that 11 new companies will be moving to Colorado Springs and the surrounding area this year.

Board member comments – Mr. Pfoff said he will be conducting a Learning Points community class on the subject of law and order, bringing in detectives, judicial personnel, and others to address this topic. He also announced his intentions to run for the District 4 Board seat in the upcoming November election. Ms. Wilson commented on the special services reports presented, stating that D38 continues to do what is “right and best for our students” even in light of budget cuts. She noted the Board members must keep this vision uppermost in their thinking as they move forward in the pursuit of a new superintendent. Dr. Ferguson remarked on a letter the superintendent sent to the County Sheriff commending Mr. Pfoff for the work he does on behalf of students. Mr. Pike made the observation that each school has its own culture and it is evident that kids are learning and thriving in the classroom. Mr. Mann pointed out that Palmer Ridge High School has been highlighted on the Fox News 21 “Loud and Proud” segment for school recognition. He also complimented the Alpine essay participants, reaffirming that teachers are doing an excellent job educating students.

The Board approved routine matters concerning personnel, finances, and District operations.

D-38 board will narrow down superintendent applications
By Lisa Collacott
Published: 01.21.11

By this time next month the Lewis-Palmer District 38 community will not only have had the opportunity to meet the finalists of the superintendent search, but they will know who will be taking over next school year.

At this time applications for the superintendent’s position have been submitted. Bob Cito, special projects consultant for Colorado Association of School Boards, announced at the Jan. 20 school board meeting that 23 applications have been received. Most of the interested applicants have come from in-state but there have also been applications received from Hawaii, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Members of the school board will meet Jan. 22 to review the applications and narrow the number down to no more than 10. Background checks will begin once the board narrows the number down and the board will then pick three or four finalists.

The school board will announce the finalists to be interviewed for this position at its Feb. 3 workshop. Interviews of the finalists will take place Feb. 12 at the central office and there will be a public reception to meet the finalists from 4:30-6 p.m. in the Learning Center at Big Red. The next superintendent will be announced at the Feb. 17 board meeting.

ELL Program Approved

The board of education approved the English Language Learner Language Enhancement and Achievement Plan at its Jan. 20 meeting.

ELL District Coordinator Stephanie Johnson gave a presentation to the school board and talked about how the number of ELL students has increased over the past few years. In the 2005-06 school year D-38 had 87 ELL students compared to the current number of 261. There has been a 30-percent growth in ELL students in the district despite a slight decrease in overall enrollment

Johnson said students are required to take the Colorado English Language Assessment placement test in speaking, reading, writing and listening and they are tested every year so the district can make sure the student is making progress. To exit the program the student must be fully proficient in all areas. Once they graduate from the ELL program they continue to be monitored because they might come across a class such as earth science where they have to learn new words.

Some of the new programs that were added because they were requested in the Title III funding include: scholarships for full-day kindergarten for ELL students, summer programs to give ELL students’ additional help, secondary tutoring for high school students struggling with math and science and adult literacy and parent outreach programs.

Johnson said that 37 different languages are represented in the district and they include Spanish, German, Russian, French, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Twi.

Title III funding provides approximately $25,000 for the ELL program. Another $63,000 comes from the state and $400,000 comes from the district itself.

“It is the culture of the school district to provide students with the services that they need not just that which is mandated by some external governmental or third party,” Director Gail Wilson said. “We believe in educating all of our kids to the best of their ability… We do these things not because we have to but because it is in the best interest of our students that live in our school district.”


  • Focus Groups (with Bob Cito from CASB) — November 16 – 17, 2010
  • o Open Community Forum — Nov. 16, 2010 (7:00 pm)
    o Senior Citizens Luncheon — Nov. 17, 2010 (12:00 pm)
    o Classified Staff Focus Group — Nov. 17, 2010 (1:30 pm)
    o Certified Staff Focus Group — Nov. 17, 2010 (4:00 pm)
    o Open Community Forum — Nov. 17, 2010 (7:00 pm)

  • Board of Education Workshop — November 17, 2010 (7:00 pm)
  • Special Meeting with LPSD Administrative Team — November 18, 2010 (10:30)
  • District Information Sheets Due to CASB — November 19, 2010
  • Final Approval for Brochure — November 29, 2010
  • Advertising Methods Determined AASA (American Assoc. of School Administrators)
  • Initiation of Application Process — November 30, 2010
  • Application Deadline — January 20, 2011
  • o Screening by Committee — January 22, 2011

  • Background Check Complete — February 1, 2011
  • Invite Candidates for Interview — February 3, 2011
  • o Multiple Days — February 11, 12, and 13, 2011

  • Final Selection — February 17, 2011
  • Start Date — July 1, 2011
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