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LPSD #38 – Highlights Board of Ed meeting Feb 17, 2011

March 1, 2011

Here are the official Highlights from the Lewis-Palmer School District regular Board of Education meeting held February 17, 2011.


These highlights contain basic information about the key issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.
They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.

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STUDENT PERFORMANCE – Mallet Madness Recital

The Lewis-Palmer Elementary School Mallet Madness ensemble performed a variety of musical numbers for the enjoyment of the school board members and the audience. Mallet Madness is an instrumental ensemble for sixth grade students, focusing on the progression of music literacy skills from guided to independent part reading. Basic rhythmic and melodic skills are reinforced by the use of simple meter, various tonalities, and improvisation. Cynthia Eversole is the director for the Mallet Madness ensemble which includes the following students: Francesca Bains, Thomas Cross, Justin Dang, Katherine Eldredge, Mikayla Long, Abby O’Hara, Ralph Ramsey, Blake Simzisko, Maclin Tucker, Trenton Walters, Nicole White, and Gianella Zapata.


Consider/approve selection of new superintendent – The Board members unanimously voted to offer Mr. John Borman, current principal at Lewis-Palmer High School, a two-year contract to serve as superintendent of LPSD, beginning July 1, 2011. The Board members commented that Mr. Borman is a servant leader with a passion for education, students, and educators. They noted his experience with the LPSD community and spoke of his ‘fit’ with the D38 culture and tradition of excellence. Mr. Bauman, as interim superintendent, will work with Mr. Borman in the coming months to assist in the transition process.

Consider/approve 2011-12 District calendar – Mr. Bauman presented the final version of the 2011-12 calendar to the Board members for formal approval. He explained that by adding five minutes to the school day the calendar could be compressed, allowing the first day of school for students to be pushed back to August 23rd. The calendar reduces teacher contracts from 184 to 182 days and also reduces the number of work days for classified staff. In addition, the winter break has been extended, with classes resuming on January 10, 2012. Mr. Bauman commented this calendar version benefits student learning and provides cost savings in the areas of utilities and transportation. The Board also approved using the 2011-12 calendar as a template to create the calendars for 2012-13 and 2013-14.

Consider/approve resolution regarding exclusive chartering authority – The Board approved the resolution certifying the school district has a charter school enrollment that meets the criteria of CRS 22-30.5-504(9)(a). Each year, local school districts must certify to the state that they wish to retain exclusive chartering authority, with local charter school enrollment exceeding the state average by at least 3%.

Consider/approve Monument Academy Charter School contract renewal – The Board approved a resolution conditionally approving the renewal of a charter for Monument Academy, noting contract negotiations are still in process and will be completed on or before the May 18, 2011, deadline. This action will renew the contract for five years, through the end of the 2015-16 school year.


Budget update – Mr. Bauman presented the most recent information provided by state legislators regarding education funding for 2011-12. He stated K-12 funding comprises 45% of the State budget. The Governor’s preliminary budget predicts a $3.1 million cut for D38, which equates to receiving $459 less per student in per pupil funding for next school year. Open enrollment for D38 ends on February 25th. The Administrator Team will then consider staffing needs for 2011-12 based on this preliminary student count. The next updated State budget forecast is expected to be released March 20th.

Task Force update – Central office administrators presented updates to the Task Force budget matrix, a list of nearly 100 ideas generated by the Planning Task Force (comprised of community/staff members) to address budget cuts/revenue increases for the D38 budget. These ideas are being evaluated to determine the impact on students/families, staff, and the District strategic vision. An estimated dollar amount in anticipated savings is being calculated for the most feasible ideas.

Dashboard – Mrs. Wangeman presented the monthly dashboard report for the Board’s review. This document summarizes enrollment numbers and free-and-reduced meals statistics, as well as budget information detailing expenditures and revenue. She noted the following: there has been no recent increase in the number of families applying for free-and-reduced meals; enrollment since the October 1st count has increased overall by 24.5 students; and, the District is still operating with a hiring freeze.

Superintendent update – Mr. Bauman highlighted the following information regarding D38 students and schools: 33 seniors from both high schools qualified for the Byrd Scholarship, which requires a minimum ACT score of 32 or an SAT score over 1440; a Palmer Ridge High School student has qualified as a Boettcher Scholarship finalist; the Polish Youth Leadership Exchange Team will be arriving in Monument on February 25th and will be present for recognition at the March 17th school board meeting; and, recent 2009 graduates of Lewis-Palmer High School who went on to college were better prepared than most of their peers, tying for first place in the state for having the lowest remediation rate among traditional high schools.


The Board approved routine matters concerning personnel, finances, and District operations.


Deb Goth, D38 parent and active volunteer, thanked and commended the Board of Education for the open and public process used in the search for the new superintendent. She invited the Tri-Lakes community to support the Board and the selection of Mr. John Borman as the new superintendent for District 38.

Note: These highlights are not in order of the actual meeting events. Citizen comments take place after the Community Engagement (student performance) portion and before official business. Mrs. Goth did not mention the new superintendent by name because the name had not yet been announced when she spoke.

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