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LPSD #38 Board of Education April 21, 2011 meeting Highlights

May 4, 2011

Here are the District Highlights for the Lewis-Palmer Board of Education regular meeting on April 21, 2011:
(You can watch the meeting as it was recorded and streamed live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lpsd-live.)


These highlights contain basic information about the key issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.
They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.
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Chess tournament winners – Steve Waldmann, parent and coach/sponsor of the D38 chess teams, introduced the following trophy winners (those who placed 1st-6th place) from the recent tournament held on March 5th at Lewis-Palmer Elementary School: 1st grade – Cedar Collins, Quinn Turner; 2nd grade – Wade Smith; 3rd grade – Easton Eberly, Meera Bjhatia; 4th grade – Nathan Wisniewski; 5th grade – Eric Sullivan, Ailsa Young; 6th grade – Zach Race, Garrett Smith, Spencer Shook; and, 7th-12th grade – Jonathan Carswell. Sixth grader Spencer Shook also won the 6th-12th grade tournament level. Mr. Waldmann stated this is the fifth year the tournament has been held district-wide and 63 students participated.

Lewis-Palmer Middle School forensics student performances – Virginia Moore, 7th grade Language Arts teacher and team sponsor for the LPMS Forensics Team, introduced the following students who performed for the enjoyment of the school board members and the audience: Amber Matalus-Interpretation of Humor; Kody Kennedy and Elena Sayeedi-Duet Acting Humor.
Introduction of School Resource Officer – Superintendent Bauman formally introduced Deputy Dennis Coates, D38 School Resource Officer, to the Board of Education. His current contract is through the 2011 calendar year.


Consider/approve resolution supporting National Volunteer Week – The Board acknowledged the great value and service to the LPSD community provided by the many volunteers who support various educational programs within District 38. They approved a resolution in honor of National Volunteer Month, April 2011.

Consider/approve Advantage3 marketing agreement – The community Planning Task Force has recommended pursuing an agreement with a marketing firm to secure revenue dollars through corporate sponsorship of D38 facilities. Justin Davis, regional director from the Denver office of Advantage3, was present to answer questions from the Board and to encourage them to consider contracting with Advantage3. The Board will research this and other companies and may take formal action at a future meeting.

Planning Task Force energy update – Steve Stephenson, Task Force facilitator, presented information from a recent audit of natural gas usage in the District. He noted concerns warranting further study – specifically in the areas of franchise fees, taxes, and rates being charged – and the District will attempt to rectify these matters through conversations with Black Hills Energy and personnel from the towns of Monument and Palmer Lake. Mr. Stephenson also suggested an in-depth audit of LPMS to see if there are opportunities to conserve energy and reduce expenses at the school.

Consider/approve budget adjustments for 2010-11 – The Board members approved adjustments to this school year’s 2010-11 budget. There is a net increase of $57,494 to the operating fund and increases of $50,000 and $15,000, respectively, to the LPMS and PRHS pupil activity funds.

2011-12 budget review – Mr. Bauman presented a review of the current status of the budget for next school year, including an updated version of the list of ideas for budget reductions generated by the Planning Task Force. The Board will be asked to consider a preliminary budget at the May 19th meeting, with the public hearing and final approval occurring in June. The 2011-12 budget is based on an anticipated reduction of $3 million – $2.2 million from state funding and $800,000 from an anticipated decline in student enrollment.

Student fee increases for 2011-12 – Mrs. Wangeman presented the recommendations from the Fees Committee for increasing student fees in light of the economy and previous instruction from the Board to maintain opportunities for student participation. The Board approved the recommendations, including increases in consumable materials fees, activities (band/sports) fees, and field trip charges.

Capital reserve review – The Board approved the capital reserve expenditures for 2011-12 as presented by Mrs. Wangeman. The expenditures include lease payments, technology projects, and necessary maintenance projects. This budget was created with the mindset of “anything that can wait will wait.” The capital reserve funding for 2010-11 was $1,156,920; $982,679 was requested for 2011-12.

Consider/approve revisions to operational policies EEAA and EEAC – Robin Mossman, Transportation Manager, presented revisions to policies EEAA-Walkers and Riders and EEAC-Bus Scheduling and Routing, increasing the walking distance for next school year. She presented maps detailing the proposed non-transport areas for 2011-12, applying the neighborhood schools concept. In summary, the walking distance for elementary students will increase from ½ to 1 mile, and the walking distance for middle and high school students will increase from 1 to 1½ miles. Any questions may be directed to the Transportation Department at 488-4711.


Early Childhood Education Task Force report – Dr. Shirley Trees and members of the Early Childhood Education Task Force presented the year-end review of the ECE program. Bear Creek Elementary Preschool staff (teacher Elizabeth Norton and assistant group leader Maria Brown) led a group of three, four, and five year olds in a mini-demonstration of the preschool experience. Dr. Trees explained system components and an enrollment summary. Mrs. Julie Jadomski, preschool program director and principal at Palmer Lake Elementary School, shared results from a recent parent survey. Jami Murphy and Dana Merveldt expounded upon the interactive partnership that exists at Palmer Ridge High School between preschool parents, faculty members, and students.

National teacher certification program – Phyllis Robinette, 4th grade teacher at Palmer Lake Elementary School and facilitator of the Pikes Peak Consortium for National Board Certification, discussed the National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) program. She introduced D38 nationally certified teachers – Diane Jensen, Susan Sparks, Jalen Waltman – and candidates seeking national certification – Linda Wilson and Jennifer Powers. Bret Mischlich is also a national board candidate.

Dashboard – Cheryl Wangeman, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, presented the monthly dashboard report for the Board’s review. This document summarizes enrollment numbers and free-and-reduced meals statistics, as well as budget information detailing expenditures and revenue. She noted the number of students applying and qualifying for free-and-reduced meals has increased recently.

Superintendent update – Mr. Bauman commended District personnel for their assistance during the railroad chemical spill on Wednesday, April 20th. He stated he heard many positive comments from the Red Cross, media, and Town of Monument officials regarding D38 cooperation and volunteer efforts.

Board member comments – Mr. Pfoff commended two former D38 teachers who continue to teach and serve students even though they have retired: Becky Harder, who has returned to D38 to work as an ELL tutor at PLES; and music teacher Craig Ketels, who tutors students and serves as a substitute bus driver. Mr. Pfoff also stated he is pleased to see that staff members and parents are still focused on doing what’s best for children. Ms. Wilson commented that the role of a school board member is not only to serve in a fiduciary capacity, but to also provide a quality education for all students. She apologized to students for failing to fulfill this responsibility due to having to make financial decisions that negatively impact student learning.


Ana Konduris, 19055 Shadowood Drive, stated her opinion regarding the former school board’s management of the District budget. She encouraged the current school board members to engage with the community, listen to every voice, and publish details regarding the 2011-12 budget for stakeholder review.
Joanna Witt, 1525 Shadowtree Court, thanked Mrs. Wangeman and accountant Tina Wallace for their valuable assistance in helping the Lewis-Palmer Middle School PTO attain tax exempt status as a 501c3 charitable organization.
Steve Braun, 19505 Top O the Moor, applauded the work and effort of the school board and District administrative team to address the $3 million budget reductions. However, he requested the Board look at things from the perspective of D38 employees and family members and consider investing in these people before finalizing the budget.

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