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LPSD 38 Board of Education May 19, 2011 Meeting Highlights

May 26, 2011

 These are the highlights of the May 19th Board of Education Meeting.  If you missed the meeting you can view it online at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lpsd-live.


THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011

These highlights contain basic information about the key issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.

They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.


Palmer Ridge High School Chamber Singers performance

– The following students from the PRHS Chamber Singers performed various numbers for the enjoyment of the audience: Daniel Skaggs (solo); Lydia Carswell (solo); Olivia Christensen, Sophia Capp, Theresa Pucci, and Mariana Sedillo (quartet); and Lydia Carswell, Sarah Pierce, and Renae Wall (trio).

Commendation presentation to supporters of the Adapted P.E. program

– Dena Sikole, D38 Adapted Physical Education instructor, and Tristan Rose, Kilmer Elementary School 2nd grade student, presented thank you commendation certificates to community groups and individuals who have contributed to the success of the program. The Adapted P. E. program provides recreational activities for students who face academic and physical challenges. Some of the activities students participate in include horseback riding, ice skating, fishing, roller skating, and bowling. Members from the Knights of Columbus (Timothy Walter, Grand Knight), Monument Hill Kiwanis (Ron Pitt, equine program volunteer), and the Tri-Lakes Women’s Club (Lisa Simms, Co-President) received commendation for their organization’s donations to the program. Lois Green, D38 volunteer and grant writer, also received a certificate for support of the program.

Commendation of D38 employees for emergency response assistance on April 20, 2011

– In recognition of their assistance to the community during the railroad chemical spill on April 20th, the Board awarded commendation certificates to the following D38 employees (those listed in italics were present at the meeting):

Jim Taylor  Linda Clibon Ricky Vestal Scott Lang Robin Adair 
Kate Valenta  Tony Vigil  Gary Atkins James Pedigo Cheryl Wangeman 
Lisa Herman  Daniel Aubain Adam Wagoner Dave Bott Shirley Trees 
Rosie Armijo Chris Mack Will Thomason Sue Cioppa Ted Bauman 
Becky King Ryan Gillis Jim Gordon Ashley Reale John Borman 
Lanette Prosseda Eric Wall Brad Younger Lori Welsh Gary Gabel
Cindy Petersen Bob Nappo Dennis Wildermuth Lindsey Anderson Peggy Parsley 
Debbie Alan Laura Vertucci  Jesse Krueger Joan Pollard Bob Foster 
Katie DuBois Maria Capp  Teale Kocher



Consider/approve final budget for 2010-11

– The Board approved the final budget summary for the 2010-11 school year, to meet accounting and auditing requirements.

Presentation of proposed 2011-12 fiscal year school district budget

– Mrs. Wangeman, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, presented copies of the preliminary budget for review prior to the upcoming public hearing and formal vote on June 16th. Board members noted the declining funds allocated for instructional programming, commenting this is undoubtedly having an impact on student learning. They also stated revenue generating ideas need to be considered, such as online program offerings and marketing options.

Exploration of additional programs for District #38 students

– Dr. Shirley Trees, Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning, and Maria Capp, Community Schools Coordinator, presented a variety of ideas and information regarding online program offerings, College Pathways (for 7th-12th grade students), and home school support programs.

Board Highlights – May 19, 2011 – Page 2

Report on the state of the District as it pertains to student achievement over time

– Mr. Bauman reported on the potential effects of recent budget cuts on student learning and achievement. He also prioritized items that he believes need to be addressed if/when funding becomes available.

Discussion of a mill levy override as a District stabilization idea

– Board President John Mann led this discussion about a possible MLO in the future. This idea will be explored further at the June 2nd work session.

Consider/approve salary wage schedules for the 2011-12 school year

– Mr. Foster provided information detailing the salary and wage schedules (and continued freeze) for teachers and classified employees for the 2011-12 school year. This compensation and benefit package is included in the preliminary budget proposed for next school year.


Sixth grade evaluation report

– Peggy Parsley, Bear Creek Elementary School principal, and Chuck Stovall, Ray Kilmer Elementary School principal, presented findings from a recent survey evaluation of the 6th grade program. Parents, students, and staff members indicated a high level of satisfaction with core classes and the range and delivery of exploratory offerings. Next school year, principals and teachers will focus on identifying opportunities to include 6th grade students in more school-wide events and fostering leadership opportunities among 6th grade students.

Superintendent update

Mr. Bauman commented that the recent graduation ceremonies for both high schools were “terrific.” He noted he has received many letters and emails thanking the District for the choice of venue. In reference to a citizen’s comment, he confirmed that the District is no long on the CDE (Colorado Department of Education) fiscal watch list. The Board also approved releasing Mr. Bauman from his contract as interim superintendent, effective May 27, 2011. Mr. Borman will serve as acting superintendent from May 28, 2011, until his contract becomes effective on July 1, 2011.

Board member comments

Mr. Pfoff stated he is amazed by the incredible students and staff in D38, commenting that he looks forward to each year’s graduation ceremonies with joy. Ms. Wilson reiterated that the District concept is to educate every child and to educate the whole child. She thanked parents for entrusting their children to D38 for this purpose. Dr. Ferguson said he enjoys having student performances/appearances at the Board meetings to maintain focus on students and academics, noting he recently visited a high school art classroom and was impressed with the quality of excellence displayed.


David Cloud, 18930 Shadowood Drive, revisited the topic of investigating long range planning strategies. He detailed the criteria necessary for support of an MLO in the future. Steve Braun, 19505 W Top O the Moor Drive, commented about the recent decision to increase the walking distance to schools in order to reduce the number of bus routes as a cost saving measure. He encouraged the Board to continue demonstrating transparency in all work related to the budget. Gordon Reichal, 17875 New London Road, commented on the ongoing CDE audit regarding state funding and student enrollment. (Mr. Bauman also addressed this information in the Superintendent Update.) Georgina Gittins, commented on the increase in enrollment at Bear Creek Elementary School. She then questioned the recent decision to eliminate bus routes in the area, noting that 150 BCES students are affected by the change in walking distance. Jeri-Gene Bauman, 5555 Ramblin Rose Road, thanked each school board member individually for the work that has been accomplished this school year, stating much progress has been made and the District is moving forward.

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