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LPSD #38 Board of Education meeting Highlights June 16, 2011

July 7, 2011

Here are the Highlights of the regular monthly meeting of the Lewis-Palmer School District Board of Education, June 2011, as posted on the District website. The next Regular monthly meeting of the School Board will be August 18,2011.

Following the Highlights is a link to the reports published in the July issue of Our Community News, covering the June meetings of the District.

Of note: The idea of putting a Mill Levy Override on the November 2011 ballot has been discussed several times by the Board and Interim Superintendent Bauman over the last year. It is mentioned in the OCN coverage of the June 2 BoE meeting. Neither the District or OCN report that in the June 16 meeting, Board President John Mann announced that they would not seek an MLO this year.

As of the date of this post, the most recent regular meetings are still available to view online at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lpsd-live.


These highlights contain basic information about the key issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.
They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.

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The public was invited to address the Board and share comments regarding the proposed District budget for the 2011-12 school year. David Cloud, 18930 Shadowood Drive, shared data and concerns regarding past and current savings/reserves balances and revenues vs. expenditures information. Ana Konduris, 19055 Shadowood Drive, noted the District is in compliance to date with the Public School Financial Transparency Act. She encouraged the Board to continue to be transparent and compliant, noting it will be a step in “bridge building” to post documents and information for public online access. Gordon Reichal, 17875 New London Road, commented on a recent state audit review. He also thanked Board member Mark Pfoff and Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Cheryl Wangeman for taking time to meet with him recently to discuss his concerns regarding the audit.


Consider/approve adoption and appropriation of school district budget for fiscal year 2011-12 and related resolutions – Mrs. Wangeman commented briefly on minor revisions to the preliminary budget that was presented to the Board in May. The Board voted unanimously to approve the proposed budget for next school year. This budget will be posted online on the District website in the near future.

DAAC (District Accountability Advisory Committee) year-end report – Steve Braun, DAAC chairperson, presented this year-end report, providing highlights from each month’s Committee meetings. He also asked the Board to reconsider the charge to the DAAC for the 2011-12 school year, in order to provide the Committee with the necessary direction to develop goals and strategies. The DAAC is charged with reviewing the School Improvement Plans, as well as the District’s budget. A secondary goal for 2010-11 was to improve communication channels between the District and the schools. Two DAAC members were also involved in the interview process in the search for a new superintendent.

Discuss Monument Academy Charter School contract renewal – Monument Academy initially applied to renew its charter prior to the December 1st deadline, in compliance with the Colorado Charter Schools Act. Since that time, both Monument Academy and the District have agreed to extend the deadline for renewal of the charter and details of the contract have been in negotiation. The Board voted to further extend the current contract to July 20, 2011.

Options for $2.4 million refinance – Mrs. Wangeman and David Bell, financial consultant from Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, provided a brief overview regarding the refinancing of the three “Big Red” operating leases that occurred last August. At that time, an additional $2.4 million in working capital was obtained and the Board voted to review options semiannually regarding these earnings. Due to the uncertain economy at this time, Mr. Bell recommended the Board wait until December to pursue this topic further.

Consider/approve the Notice of Intent to participate in the November 1, 2011 coordinated election and the Call for Nominations for School Directors for this election – The Board declared its intent to participate in the regular biennial school election on November 1, 2011, directing Vicki Wood, the District‟s designated election official, to notify the County Clerk of the Board‟s intention to appear on the ballot. The Board also approved the Call for Nominations for this November 1, 2011 School Director election, and placement of a paid ad seeking candidates. This public notice will appear in the August 3rd edition of the Tribune newspaper. Interested candidates are encouraged to call Mrs. Wood at 481-9546 for more information.


Superintendent update – Mr. Borman commented briefly on a variety of topics, including the success of both high school graduation ceremonies, noting New Life Church waived all fees for the District‟s use of the church facility. He also stated that though the District is proud of the class of 2011, the focus must turn to the graduating class of 2023, as we have a responsibility to provide a quality education for these students in spite of reductions in state funding and cuts to the District budget.

Board member comments – Ms. Wilson spoke a thank you to everyone for another outstanding school year. Mr. Pfoff stated he is experiencing “student withdrawal” after having spent time in many schools and classrooms this past year. He encouraged the audience, both those in attendance and those viewing the online live stream, to contact members of the Board with any questions or concerns. Dr. Ferguson expressed a special welcome to the new superintendent, John Borman. Mr. Pike stated he is excited to “see District 38 through Mr. Borman‟s eyes.” Mr. Mann said he is encouraged by the current enrollment numbers, which are up a bit compared to this time last year. He agreed with Mr. Borman that the challenge now is to ensure the class of 2023 receives a quality education.


Deb Goth, 19365 Greenwood Drive, highlighted some of the many achievements of the students of D38. She also read a letter from the Palmer Ridge High School class president, Kassandra Mirabal, praising the District and thanking the D38 team for providing her with an outstanding school experience in such a caring environment.

Jody Richardson, 17180 Oxbridge Road, invited the Board members to an upcoming public forum, hosted by State Representative Amy Stephens and sponsored by Directions 38. This will be the first of several public school education forums to be held in upcoming months and the topic will be public school funding.

Reports of District meetings in June 2011, including DAAC (District Accountability Advisory Committee) meeting:

Lewis-Palmer Board of Education, June 2 and 16: Board discusses overall goals

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