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LPSD #38 BoE mtg Highlights for August 18, 2011

September 12, 2011

Here are the official Highlights for the Lewis-Palmer School District Board of Education regular meeting for August 18, 2011. You can view official minutes of past meetings on the BoE’s webpage. Also, past meetings that were streamed live online can still be viewed at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lpsd-live. (View the current “Draft” version of the Board’s new Governance, since the Board voted to eliminate Policy Governance at this meeting: District 38 Board of Education Governance.)

In addition, here is a link to articles in the Our Community News on District meetings in August : http://www.ourcommunitynews.org.

(NOTE: as of the date of this post, the OCN website did not yet have their September 3, 2011 edition available online.)


These highlights contain basic information about the key issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.
They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.
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Consider/approve Monument Academy Charter School contract renewal – Mr. Borman reviewed the process of meeting with Monument Academy leadership and representatives in the development of a renewal contract for the charter school. The Board approved the renewal contract, effective July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2016. Representatives from the District and MA will continue to meet regularly to discuss any issues that arise and to encourage open communication.
Consider/approve Food Services agreement with Monument Academy Charter School – The Board approved the agreement to continue providing food services to MA for this school year. This is the third year of this arrangement and the agreement is working very well.
Consider/approve Food Services agreement with St. Peter Catholic School – St. Peter Catholic School approached D38 about providing food services to their students, anticipating between 20-40 meals per day. The Board asked for additional time to consider this request and for more information regarding St. Peter‟s responsibility for handling and serving the meals. The Board will call a special meeting to approve the agreement once details have been finalized.
Second reading to consider/approve rescission of Policy Governance – The Board discussed the reasoning/decision to eliminate PG and their intentions to investigate other options for school board governance. The topic was initially discussed at the July 8th Board retreat and at the July 18th special meeting. The desire is to establish a system of governance that is based on relationships, values, and beliefs of the District.
Consider/approve bond refinancing and resolution – The Board approved engaging the firm of Sherman and Howard to serve as bond counsel for D38 for the 2011-12 school year. They also passed a resolution to refinance the general obligation bonds from 2001. This refinance will yield a net savings to the taxpayers of the District of approximately $450,000 over the next five years.
Consider/approve capital reserve carryover and expenditures – The Board approved a request for capital reserve fund carryover and expenditures for specific projects as follows:
– carryover of $64,697.14 to fund capital reserve projects not completed by the end of the 2010-11 school year;
– carpet repair at Palmer Lake Elementary School, at an anticipated cost to the District of $8,326;
– drainage correction at Palmer Ridge High school, at the estimated cost of $45,000;
– remainder of funds to be held in reserve to help finance the new roof at Lewis-Palmer Middle School.
Consider/approve CDE BEST grant agreement for roof replacement at LPMS – Mrs. Wangeman answered questions regarding the capital construction grant (Building Excellent Schools Today) awarded to the District for the roof replacement at the middle school. The total grant amount is $420,497.10 and the District‟s matching portion is $513,940.90, for a total project cost of $934,438.00. The anticipated project completion date is July 31, 2012.
Consider/approve Intergovernmental Agreement for November 1, 2011, coordinated election – The IGA is a standard, required agreement delineating responsibilities and procedures that must be met by all agencies appearing on the November ballot. Board members approved this agreement with the El Paso County Board of Commissioners and the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder.


Commendations – The Board presented Ken Merola of BESECx with a commendation certificate for his extensive work performing energy audits for District schools. Gene Mantei of Black Hills Energy also assisted with these audits, which have contributed to more efficient energy usage and energy conservation practices throughout the District.
District ‘fun run’ fundraiser – Representatives from the for-profit group, On Eagles Wings, were present to discuss the upcoming „fun run‟ fundraising event for D38, scheduled for October 1st. This event will raise money for D38 schools through online registrations and possible related food/merchandise sales. 25% of registration fees will be returned to the schools. For more information, contact Robin Adair, Community Relations Manager, at 488-4700.
Assessment update – Lori Wagner, Director of Assessment/Gifted Education/Technology, presented a PowerPoint detailing CSAP, ACT, Advanced Placement, and Growth Model information. D38 continues to rank in the top five in nearly every content area/grade level tested by the CSAP. She stated she is especially proud of the 10th grade science 1st place ranking (along with 4th grade math and 6th grade reading).
NCLB grant application – Peggy Parsley, Bear Creek Elementary School principal, was present to answer questions about the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) grant application process. The Board had the opportunity to review the application and the Board president signed the approval/transmittal form for electronic submission prior to the July 2011 deadline. D38 will receive grant funding in the amount of $220,000 based on the number of students qualifying for free-and-reduced meals.
PWES Special Education programming and staffing – Mr. Borman explained the additional special services being offered at Prairie Winds Elementary School to provide for dual needs students. This new programming will allow special needs students to remain in D38 instead of being staffed to out-of-district facilities.
Enrollment and staffing updates – The District created the annual budget for 2011-12 based on a projected enrollment decline of 125 students. To date, enrollment is at 117 students above projections. As class sizes are determined, it may be necessary to hire additional staff. However, the District will proceed cautiously in considering any new hires and enrollment will continue to be monitored closely throughout the beginning of the school year.
Superintendent update – Mr. Borman commented briefly on a variety of topics, including the orientation sessions conducted for new teaching staff and the recent principals‟ retreat to discuss goals for the new school year. He also noted the Palmer Lake Town Council has agreed to increase cash in-lieu-of land funding from $300/rooftop to $1200/rooftop, in line with funding amounts from the Town of Monument. He stated that D38 has once again received the rating of “accredited with distinction” from the Colorado Department of Education. This information will be more widely publicized at a later date.
Board member comments – The Board members all stated they are looking forward to the new school year, noting their conversations with staff members have been positive and encouraging.


Gordon Reichal presented information about “Math Moves U” scholarship funding, sponsored by the Raytheon Company, available for professional staff development and intended to offer enrichment to math curriculum and programming. He also inquired about the upcoming District financial audit.
Red Stevens attended a Town of Monument trustees meeting and heard discussion about the reevaluation of area housing developments and property values. He expressed his concern about increased housing in the area and inquired if the District has the capacity and facilities to serve an influx of new families and students.

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