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LPSD #38 BoE November Meeting Highlights

November 30, 2011

Here are the Highlights from the Lewis-Palmer School District Board of Education November 2011 meeting, as posted on the District’s website:







These highlights contain basic information about the key issues discussed during Board of Education meetings.

They are not officially approved minutes and are not intended to be comprehensive.

A video recording of the Board meeting can be viewed at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lpsd-live

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Principal Julie Jadomski showcased the school by highlighting student activities from the exploratory classes, which allow students to discover their abilities, talents, and interests. She introduced Mr. Matt Rotter, 4


grade teacher and Robotics exploratory instructor, and Mr. Brett Mischlich, P.E. teacher and Dance exploratory instructor. Mr. Rotter introduced students from the Robotics class and explained the construction and problem solving skills learned in this course. Students Brody Watson and Zach Hester demonstrated the robot they designed and programmed to navigate an obstacle course. Mr. Mischlich introduced seven students from the Dance class: Kyah Voelker, Micah Tedeschi, Makayla Anderson, Emily Warner, Joseph Price, Maddie Phillips, and Luke Mattea. These students performed a line dance to the song “Copper Head Road.”



Administration of Oaths of Office

– As current Board of Education secretary, Dr. Jeffery Ferguson administered the Oath of Office to the following re-elected members of the school board: John Mann, representing Director District No. 2; Mark Pfoff, representing Director District No. 4; and, Robb Pike, representing Director District No. 5. They will each serve four-year terms, ending in November of 2015.

Board Organization Session

– Per Colorado statutes and Board policy, a nomination process for president and vice-president of the school board was conducted, with Jeff Ferguson elected as Board president and Mark Pfoff elected as Board vice-president. Robb Pike was appointed secretary of the Board and Gail Wilson was appointed treasurer of the Board, with Board agreement by consensus. Cheryl Wangeman was appointed assistant treasurer and Vicki Wood was appointed assistant secretary, also with Board agreement by consensus.


Audit Committee report and Audit approval

– The D38 Audit Committee recently reviewed the annual audit report and recommended the report for approval by the Board of Education. Wendy Swanhorst, partner with the independent auditing firm of Swanhorst and Company, presented the report of the annual District audit which was conducted in August of 2011. She stated auditors found no sufficient inconsistencies or deficiencies with internal controls or compliance with federal monies.

DAAC (District Accountability Advisory Committee) charge for 2011-12

– Steve Braun, DAAC chairman, presented the proposed Committee charge for the 2011-12 school year for formal approval by the Board. To address requirements of the new educator effectiveness legislation (Senate Bill 191) the Board amended the charge to include the following directive: review and provide input to the Board of Education regarding educator assessment protocol.

Adoption of Colorado Academic Standards and related District policies

– State law requires districts and school boards to review and revise current standards in comparison with the Colorado Academic and English Language Proficiency Standards by December 2011. Dr. Lori Benton, Director of Assessment/Gifted Education/Technology, presented a PowerPoint detailing changes to the State and D38 standards, as well as revisions to current District policies related to standards/curriculum/instruction. The Board adopted the new standards, as written.

ELL (English Language Learner) program update and adoption of CELP (Colorado English Language Proficiency) standards

– Stephanie Johnson, ELL Facilitator, presented a brief update on the D38 ELL program, including information regarding the District’s ELL population (student numbers and languages spoken). In connection with the adoption of the new Colorado Academic Standards, the Board members also approved the CELP standards. Board Highlights – November 17, 2011 – Page 2

Approval of 2012-13 District calendar

– Mr. Borman presented the 2012-13 calendar for discussion and review. The Board formally approved the calendar, which will soon be posted on the District website.

Fiscal 2010-11 year-end reserves, carryover, and encumbrances

– Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Wangeman presented 2010-11 year-end fund balances and requested adoption of beginning 2011-12 fund balances, as well as carryover and encumbrances from year-end 2010-11 to the 2011-12 school year. The Board also declared that funds generated from the Big Red refinancing will be kept in the general fund. In addition, per GASB 54 (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) requirements, the Board formally approved the commitment of pupil activity fund revenue for the specific purpose of enhancing pupil activities.

Adjustments to the 2011-12 budget

– The Board members approved revisions to the overall 2011-12 District budget, as presented by Mrs. Wangeman.

Update regarding outcomes for District 38 graduates

– At a recent work session, the school board members, District administrators, and building principals discussed the desired attributes of a D38 graduate. The Superintendent will eventually meet with community members/organizations to receive input regarding the educational outcomes and skills necessary for D38 graduates to successfully face the 21st century.

Discussion of strategic communications plan for District 38

– Mr. Borman presented preliminary ideas regarding a strategic communications plan, including information about district-wide communications and marketing concepts. “Branding” will be a big part of the marketing plan to address LPSD values and highlight what sets D38 apart from other districts.


Home school enrichment program update

– Mr. Borman briefly updated the Board about the possibility of developing a home school enrichment program, to be held one day per week beginning next school year. The idea is still under investigation and a decision will be made by February. However, initial surveys of homeschooling families have been very encouraging.

October 1

st student count enrollment update – The October 1 count of student enrollment appears to be slightly above the count for last school year. The District initially budgeted for 120 fewer students for this year; therefore, it has been necessary to hire additional teaching staff to accommodate this increased number of students. The District is proceeding cautiously in the matter of hiring and will continue to monitor enrollment closely.

Preliminary 2012-13 budget discussion

– Governor Hickenlooper released his preliminary 2012-13 budget plan on November 1st. Mrs. Wangeman discussed the potential $89 million cut in education funding. Additional information is expected to be released by the Governor’s office in December.


– The monthly dashboard report was presented for the Board’s review. This document summarizes enrollment numbers and free-and-reduced meals statistics, as well as budget information detailing expenditures and revenue.

Superintendent update

– Mr. Borman reported on a number of items, highlighting the high school musicals and the Veteran’s Day events held at the schools. He also noted both high school football teams made it to post season play. On November 10th, Mr. Borman and Gary Gabel, principal of Palmer Ridge High School, attended a recognition ceremony in honor of the eleven students in the state who received a perfect score of 36 on the ACT assessment administered last spring. PRHS student Liam Mazurowski was honored at this ceremony, held at the Colorado Department of Education office in Denver.

Board member comments

– Mr. Pfoff visited recently with two 9th grade students about their experiences at the middle school. He also participated in a field trip with forensics students, taking them to the crime lab, jail, and courthouse in Colorado Springs. Mr. Mann commented about the various topics discussed during the board meeting and voiced his support for the outstanding staff of D38. Mr. Pike thanked Deb Goth for her campaign efforts in the re-election of the three Board members. Dr. Ferguson stated he is honored to be the new school board president and is looking forward to serving the teachers, staff, and students of Lewis-Palmer School District.

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