Colorado K-12 Funding

December 13, 2011

Colorado K-12 Funding: Follow the Money

School Board Directors, Former Candidates, and Friends: 

We may have met at one of the Independence Institute’s school board candidate briefings or otherwise corresponded with each other as a result of our invitations to those events. I wanted to let you know about my new 20-minute recorded PowerPoint presentation on “Colorado K-12 Funding: Follow the Money.” We have produced and released the audio to go along with the slides. You can find them both at 

I have found that even many of the most involved and dedicated parents, policy makers and education reformers can be mystified by school finance information. It is complex, and I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully this presentation may be of some value to you. We need a context to our discussions about school funding. The presentation is based entirely on data from the Colorado Department of Education. If you are interested and get a chance to listen, I’d love to hear your questions and other feedback you may have. 

Thanks for the time and best regards,
Ben DeGrowSr. Education Policy Analyst
Independence Institute
13952 Denver West Parkway, Suite 400
Golden, CO 80401Ph: 303/279-6536, x113
Fax: 303/279-4176ben@i2i.org

“…money is used so loosely in public education—in ways that few understand and that lack plausible connections to student learning—that no one can say how much money, if used optimally, would be enough.” – Dr. Paul Hill, Center on Reinventing Public Education

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