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Savings For School Districts

December 21, 2011

 Savings for school districts                                                  

Judge Sheila Rappaport ruled Colorado unconstitutional for not providing a “thorough and uniform” school system. Part of the judge’s unconstitutional determination should assess the large administration staffing variances for our 15 El Paso County School Districts. Here is my grassroots solution.

Standardize El Paso County School District Administrations to comply with Judge Rappaport’s ruling by requiring a “thorough and uniform” School District Administration.

El Paso County spends over $64 million dollars annually for administration of which at least a portion could be redirected to the classroom and our kids’ education. That is the ultimate goal, right? A lot of the administration positions are duplicated across our 15 school districts. If you review the CDE El Paso County Administration financial reports, I find roughly 70 redundant positions for possible collaboration within financial, HR, facilities, purchasing, telecommunications, public relations, and executive staffing in our 15 school districts. We need to start now and begin looking for collaboration opportunities. My quick estimate shows a potential $25 million dollar “savings” and funding “upper” for classrooms and teachers by providing a cost effective “thorough and uniform” School District Administration in El Paso County.

Lets start now.

Gordon Reichal


Read more: http://www.gazette.com/articles/school-130201-judge-districts.html#ixzz1hClMJYyJ

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