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Education Accountability Act of 2009

January 23, 2012

eDUCATION nEWS Colordo publishes state data on Schools and Districts for 2011

State officials on Dec. 6 released the second annual ratings for more than 1,600 schools under the Education Accountability Act of 2009.

Ratings possible are Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement and Turnaround. This year, 69.5% of schools received the highest Performance rating, 18.3% were rated Improvement, 8.9% were Priority Improvement and 3.3% received the lowest rating of Turnaround.

This year’s ratings system includes alternative schools or alternative education campuses. To learn more about the state system, see this EdNews’ story.


Find your school’s 2011 state rating

See your district’s 2011 state rating




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