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Colorado Succeeds added to our external links

February 2, 2012


DIRECTION 38! has added Colorado Succeeds to our external links widget.  To go to their website you can use that link.

In their own words, the following is their mission statement.




Colorado Succeeds was founded on the premise that the business community has the obligation, opportunity and capacity to increase the college and workforce readiness of all students through an ambitious, aggressive and comprehensive reform agenda.

We Believe:

  • Colorado has systemic education problems, the number and severity of which constitute a crisis
  • The educational crisis threatens the economic vitality of the state and businesses operating within the state
  • Business has multiple reasons to take a leadership role in aggressively pursuing reforms

Our vision is that every student in Colorado has access to a high performing school and graduates with the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in a competitive global economy. Our work provides the policy, advocacy and accountability supports necessary to make this ambitious goal a reality

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