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Sound and Hearing Health Workshop Flyer

February 14, 2012

Dear Educator, We would like to let you know about a University of Colorado K-12 workshop on Sound, Hearing and Dangerous Decibels.   We would appreciate your help in getting the word out about this year’s workshop. It is geared towards educators who teach science, music or health, and is appropriate for elementary, middle school and high school educators. 
Sponsored by the University of Colorado at Boulder Outreach Program,  the workshop will be held on Friday, March 16th, at the new law school on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus.  Faculty include  Professor Kathryn Arehart (Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences) and Cory Portnuff, AUD.

Funding will be available for substitute teacher costs.

Attached is the flyer for this workshop.   Interested educators should contact Kathryn Arehart (Kathryn.Arehart@colorado.edu)

Thanks ahead of time for helping us get the word out about the workshop!


Kathryn Hoberg Arehart, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of Colorado
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
409 UCB
Boulder, CO  80309
303-492-3036 (office)
303-492-3274 (fax)

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