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Teachers Matter Direction 38! Forum # 2

August 6, 2012

Teachers Matter  

Direction 38 Hosts Summer Forum on Teachers
Tough Questions on Funding and SB 190 Discussed in Detail

The following article from the Monument OCN is published in their August Issue.

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Direction 38 forum examines importance of teacher quality and assessment

By Kate Wetterer

“Teachers Matter,” a Direction 38! forum on July 23, focused on potential methods to recruit, vet, and maintain the highest caliber of teachers in today’s school sys­tem. This included explanations and critiques of Colorado Senate Bill 10-191 dealing with teacher assessments.

Direction 38! is a not-for-profit organization of parents, teachers, and others in School District 38. It is not affiliated with the school district.

This second installment of the 2012 Get Educated! Sum­mer Series was well attended, with current and former teach­ers involving themselves in the discussion. The speakers were Marcus A. Winters, author of the book Teachers Matter; Bill Jae­ger, former teacher and member of Stand for Children Colorado; and Mike Wetzel, director of public relations for the Colorado Education Association. Each gave a summary of their views on teacher assessment and the best ways to provide students with quality educators and then took questions from the audi­ence.

Winters emphasized the vi­tal need for capable teachers in a child’s education. He said this is complicated by the current vari­ety of teacher quality in schools. Winters suggested that schools need to consider a teacher’s “out­put” rather than their “input” when conducting assessments. He supports ranking teachers through their progress in reach­ing students and conveying material effectively rather than through degrees and experience itself, regardless of quality.

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