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One Teacher’s Point of View

August 27, 2012

The following letter was posted by a teacher who felt so deeply about his situation that he posted a letter to the Denver Post, Your Hub, Highlands Ranch paper.

“Dear DCSD School Board and District Administrative offices,

As a former employee of Douglas County School District, I thought you might like to know my thoughts about the departure from your organization. Usually I try to be complimentary and deliberate with any exit comments to leave an open door and reciprocity in future endeavors. In this case, sadly, I know I will never work for your organization or recommend your organization to any parents, teachers, or colleagues as long as your current structure is standing.

Since Brian Cesares, HR Officer of DCSD brought my name through the mud by stating,”it’s an accountability thing and some people don’t like that.”, I felt compelled to sling it back.”

The rest of this letter can be read at this link.

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