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October 2, 2013

 Direction38  On November 5, 2013, Colorado voters will be responsible for the passing or rejecting of a D38 Mill Levy Overide that will be added permanently to the previous school tax for property owners. Voters must also consider a State-wide personal income tax increase that will go to additional funding for Colorado Public Schools.  These have been hot button items in the past so we urge you all to cast your vote and not let a minority of voters mandate this election.

The El Paso County Clerk has an official web page, and has posted the information voters will need to make sure their vote counts in this election.  This information is subject to change, so to make it easier for you to know where polls are and when they are open we are posting a link for you below.  We have also added a permanent link to the El Paso County Clerk to our LINKS box on the right side of the page.  The site also has important information on registration cut off dates and Mail In Ballot votes.

To get to the El Paso County Clerk’s Web Site: CLICK HERE:http://car.elpasoco.com/Election/Pages/2013Election.aspx

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