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October 31, 2013


The 30 October 2013 print edition of the Trilakes Tribune has an interview by Rob Carrigan of the Tribune, with Direction 38! members.  This front page interview can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Opponents of Measure 3A, the mill levy override for Lewis-Palmer School District 38 funding on the November ballot, say the district is asking for “way too much” and that there are “no controls.”

The following “Letters to the Editor” were also in the 30 October Edition of the Tribune.

Teacher1Mr. Kevin Reece of Monument  says :  “Now is Not the Time” for 3A! As residents of Monument, Colorado with a child in School District 38, my wife and I do have “skin in the game” regarding the upcoming 3A issue being voted on come 5 Nov 2013. We have considered the pros and cons of the proposals (including the 66th Amendment). We have seen little collaboration and intentional involvement with the community including residents, school teachers and businesses leading up to this November vote; therefore; we have decided now is NOT the time for 3A, and the additional tax burdens the community as a whole will experience.”

For the rest of this article click here: Kevin Reece Editorial

FACTS%20LogoIn another editorial, Laura McGuire writes:

I’ve become increasingly alarmed with Ballot Initiative 3A as I’ve researched how to vote on the Lewis Palmer School District 38 massive $4.5 million Mill Levy Override.  3A, if passed, will take Tri-Lakes property owners from the 9th highest taxed school district in Colorado to the 3rd out 178 districts! This is a 20% increase in the taxes paid to D38! 3A also imposes additional onerous taxes on local businesses already burdened by the struggling economy.  I grew up in Monument and graduated from Lewis Palmer High School as have my own children. We’ve benefited from a District that has long been “Accredited with Distinction,” the highest rating given to Colorado public schools. 3A proponents are using emotion-filled messages to imply that our kids will suffer unduly if they don’t secure this hefty MLO.

For the rest of Laura’s letter to the Tribune, click here:   McGuire’s Letter

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