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Direction 38! Press Release Nov 11

November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013                                  PRESS RELEASE Direction38


                      Media Contact:  Jody Richardson

            719 439 3328

Local Citizens’ Group Helps Defeat 3A Mill Levy Override,

DIRECTION 38! Seeks to Expand Community Initiatives


Monument, CO– Lewis-Palmer DIRECTION 38!, a non-partisan group of Tri-Lakes citizens, helped mobilize 75% of area voters to defeat School District 38’s proposed $4.5 million Mill Levy Override.  A record 60% of area voters (13,211) gave voice to their concerns in this off-year election. Given the election’s mandate, DIRECTION 38! is launching new initiatives for more balanced representation within the district.

“Three themes surfaced as we spoke to thousands of area voters about the unpopular MLO ballot measure,” said DIRECTION 38! President Ana Konduris, “Trust, Taxes, and Turnout.” Konduris explains that the well-informed Tri-Lakes voters turned out en masse because they clearly understood D-38 fiscal practices precipitating the proposed 20% school property tax hike.  They understood the consequences of Amendment 66’s tiered personal income tax.  They rejected both. “Many citizens told us that their persistent concerns about D-38 leadership were given fresh fuel with 3A,” added Konduris.

DIRECTION 38! was founded in 2009 to ensure broader community representation within Lewis-Palmer school district.  “We remain committed to D-38 continuing its longstanding tradition of excellence” says DIRECTION 38!’s Secretary and Public Information Officer Jody Richardson.  “We want community collaboration and we seek transparency and accountability from D-38 leaders.”

“We are attracting many new participants and will launch more initiatives to ensure residents, businesses, taxpayers, and especially our students are fairly represented in D-38 governance and fiscal policy decisions,” said Konduris.  She welcomes Tri-Lakes voters to get more information at the DIRECTION 38! website, www.lpd38.wordpress.com.

DIRECTION 38! is a grassroots organization of concerned parents, teachers, and other members of the Tri-Lakes community. Its mission is to provide a balance of information and discussion regarding current educational issues affecting our local area and state. It is a not-for-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)4.

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