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Governor’s Hickenlooper’s Proposed Education Budget for 2014-15

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Governor Hickenlooper just put out his proposed budget for next year.

According to the CDE, per pupil funding for D-38 will increase from $6310.81 to $6523.61.  That’s a 3.37% increase.  Using this number and the funded pupil count from the latest district dashboard (for September 2013), the increase in Total Program Funding to the school district (excluding Monument Academy) will be just under $1.08 million. 

Just click on the “… Governor’s November 2013 Budget Request” and you’ll be able to open an Excel spreadsheet with all the information.

Here is the LINK:

El Paso County Final Unofficial Election Results

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 Direction38  Election Summary Report 2013 El Paso County Coordinated Election Summary for Jurisdiction Wide, All Counties, All Races

*****Final Unofficial Results*****

Here is a direct link to El Paso County Clerk’s Unofficial Election Results.  We congratulate John Magerko for his election to the District 38 School Board and we congratulate the 13238 citizens who fulfilled their civic duty by participating in the D38 Mill Levy Override vote.

El Paso County Final Unofficial Results


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PasshatPay Fees

“Democrats and unions try to kill Colorado’s flat tax.”


Oct. 23, 2013 7:25 p.m. ET Wall Street Journal

Colorado has veered to the political left in recent years, and on November 5 it may take another leap toward California. The Democrats and unions who now run state government are promoting a ballot initiative that would raise taxes and unleash a brave new era of liberal governance.The Colorado Tax Increase for Education, or Amendment 66, follows the well-trod union script of claiming to raise taxes in the name of better schools. Its real purpose is to repeal restraints on tax increases and open the door to even higher taxes and more spending on everything.

The referendum would repeal the state’s current flat income-tax rate of 4.63% that liberals loathe because raising it requires raising taxes on nearly all Coloradans. And sure enough, Amendment 66 would raise the rate to 5% on income up to $75,000, and to 5.9% on all higher earners. That’s a 26.6% tax increase on anyone making more than $75,000 a year.

To read the rest of this article click here for the Wall Street Journal


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Message to Bear Creek Parents about Palm Scanners from D38 Assistant Superintendent

Dear Bear Creek Parents,

Please see a note from our Assistant Superintendent below –

A handful of parents expressed concerns about the Palm Scanners.   Their concerns have resulted in conversations that I believe will have a  positive outcome as we review advancements in technology and decide what is best for Lewis-Palmer Schools and our students.  The School District will be forming a technology and student data committee consisting of parents knowledgeable of technology as well as parents who are interested in the direction the district takes regarding the use of technology for student records.  Their job will be to review student data systems as a part of the process the district goes through in determining what makes sense for our schools.

The palm scanner will be one of the first technologies this group will study.  As a result, we will be holding back on our trial of the scanner at Bear Creek.  Please know that  Katie DuBois and our Food Service  Department followed all procedures the district has in place as they worked through this implementation.  Listening to these parents, and thinking about technologies now available, I see that this new technology requires additional processes.  We will work to put them in place and will not move ahead until this work is completed.

Thank you for your time and to the parents that took the time to call.   We will begin work to put the structure of this committee together shortly and will provide informational updates on our web page.

Cheryl Wangeman

Assistant Superintendent

Lewis-Palmer School District #38

The following link is an attachment to this email.

Palm Vein Scanning


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PasshatPay FeesThe Watchdog Wire Publishes Article on D38 MLO Request

“We elected the District 38 school board members to be good stewards of the money for our kids, and they have been squandering it,” longtime community member Ernie Biggs contends. “Now they want us to give them 4.5 million dollars more each and every year without an end in sight and without any accountability.”

To read the watchdog wire article click here.

To go to the Watchdog Wire Home Page, click here.


Watchdog Wire exists to train citizens just like you to be citizen journalists and provide a place to feature your work. By covering stories in your local community that are otherwise ignored by the establishment media, you can make a difference! We partner with you to provide the training, the platform and the coaching you need to be government watchdogs in your own cities and states.


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The following Letter to the Colorado Springs Gazette was published on 8 October 2013 in the OP/ED section of the paper, page 9A.  We have attached it here also because we received it directly from the author, Laura (Price) McGuire of Monument, Colorado.

Published in Colorado Springs Gazette on 10/8/13: OP/ED (page 9A)

 Researching Ballot Initiative 3A

 I’ve become increasingly alarmed with Ballot Initiative 3A as I’ve researched how to vote on the Lewis Palmer School District 38 massive $4.5 million Mill Levy Override. 3A, if passed, will take Tri-Lakes property owners from the 9th highest taxed school district in Colorado to the 3rd out 178 districts! This is a 20% increase in the taxes paid to D38! 3A also imposes additional onerous taxes on local businesses already burdened by the struggling economy.

 I grew up in Monument and graduated from Lewis Palmer High School as have my own children. We’ve benefited from a District that has long been “Accredited with Distinction,” the highest rating given to Colorado public schools. 3A proponents are using emotion-filled messages to imply that our kids will suffer unduly if they don’t secure this hefty MLO.  Perhaps a capped, limited MLO is justified. Instead of 3A, however, let’s look first at applying sound fiscal policies to right the ship.

 Here’s what else I’ve learned about 3A in my research:

  •  This MLO goes on in perpetuity versus a specified timeframe. Plus, I can’t identify any control or accountability measures.
  •  It has no cap as other districts have done. D12 (Cheyenne Mountain) voters capped their MLO at 50 Mills. D38 is already at 51.7 Mills going to 62.2! We’ll be the highest in El Paso County.
  •  In 2010 the current board borrowed $4.1 million by issuing 2 Certificates of Participation to cover operating expenses and refinance 3 capital leases under a 20-year term, obligating D38 taxpayers to pay back the principal PLUS $2.4 million in interest.
  • The current board cut 35 teaching positions, froze teacher salaries and cut programs and services.
  •  The Colorado Department of Education placed D38 on the State Auditor’s Watch List for ‘severe financial distress’ between 2006–2009.

 It’s a weird irony that there is currently a whopping $11 million in the D38 reserve fund, the highest ever according to any data I can find. It appears to me that 3A is the current-day manifestation for fiscal management issues of the recent past. Given the reserves, why did we cut teachers and programs? Why didn’t we just pay off the capital leases in 2013 and 2014? And WHY do we need a $4.5 million MLO that isn’t capped and NEVER sunsets?!

 The hubris of 3A has caught me completely off guard. I’m a hometown girl who has always appreciated the important role our D38 schools have played in galvanizing the community. This is not the Tri-Lakes spirit I’ve known since girlhood. It’s taxpayer usury. Fellow property and business owners, even if you don’t typically vote in off-year elections, you must research 3A carefully. 3A proponents have masterfully spun the “facts” and invoked an “it’s for the kids” tactic to woo us into some emotional vote. The facts just don’t support the need for this MLO.  I’m voting NO on 3A.

 Respectfully submitted,

Laura (Price) McGuire


WHY D38’s $4,500,000.00 MLO MUST BE REJECTED

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  • History of Deficit Spending: 2006 – 2009
  • History of “Poor” Fiscal Decisions: 2006 – Present

1. Second high school

2. Two Superintendent severance packages – combined total more than Half Million Dollars

3. One middle school

4. 2.5 Million Borrowed Dollars – monthly interest payments thru 2031

5. One of highest mill rates in Colorado – Higher than D20, Douglas County, Vail, and Aspen

  • Continued Lack of Transparency: 2013

6. Today’s Budget – Extra unexplained 1.0 Million Dollars

7. Today’s Budget – Enough money for 4% teacher raise

8. Today’s Budget – Enough money to hire new teachers


SAY “NO!” TO 3A – D38’s MLO!!!!!!!!!!!

To see the following pdf files please click on the titles.

D38 General Fund