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STAFF MORALE is an issue that needs to be addressed by every school district.  

On January 17, 2012, the Denver Post published an article about teacher morale in Douglas County. In a 2008 school survey Douglas County teachers’ reported a positive climate in their buildings and gave the district an 80% approval rating. Teachers now feel little support for the classroom and their approval rating of the district climate has dropped to 14%. 


D38’s last district-wide staff survey was completed in 2009. The complete report (Spring 2009 SPSD Staff Survey Results) is available on this website for your viewing.  In the January 23, 2012 issue of the Tri-lakes Tribune, a D38 School Board member stated “back in 2008, there were serious issues with staff morale.” He indicated that teacher morale is no longer an issue.  



QUESTION:  Aside from a pay increase (which would most likely be at the top of everyone’s list), what is the single most important element to maintaining HIGH MORALE?

  1. Anonymous
    June 9, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    As I see it, staff morale is even lower than it was in 2008. Teachers do not have the time to communicate with each other, they do not have the time to stop and eat lunch, and they do not have time for any professional development. I notice the teachers leave earlier and earlier as the school year progresses. Teachers come to do the most passionate part of the job – what happens in the classroom – and can’t wait to leave as soon as the students do. I don’t see this morale increasing without an increase in pay, an improvement to the health benefits (it will now cost at least $100 to go to a doctor when sick and either get medications, shots, and/or an x-ray). I would certainly see this as a massive pay cut – one that my family can no longer afford. The other area causing low teacher morale is the lack of trust by administration. It feels like most administrators in my building are reactionary and use fear tactics to make teachers fill out all the paperwork, jump through all the hoops that don’t affect students, and attend all the meetings where time is not utilized efficiently. My suggestion will offer no magic solution – but seeing how many buildings are extremely underutilized, how many people still work in the administration building, and how I now have an average of 170 students, putting small band-aids on this issue will not take care of anything long term. Teacher morale will continue to decrease, test scores will continue to decrease, and student behavior/success will continue to plummet. I don’t see anything getting better for another 10-15 years without some drastic closures/administration cuts.

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