DIRECTION 38! has established the following goals to guide us as a team.  The goals are not the end all for our efforts, but instead are a guide to keep us pointed in the right direction.  As our society modifies the art of Education we are prepared to continually review our goals to stay in line with the following four simple precepts.


1.      DIRECTION 38! aims to provide an additional source of information on K-12 public school education for the public to access. As well informed citizens of the District, we the citizens, can formulate our own opinions to determine what actions should be taken for the best direction of our schools and community. There are always alternatives to management decisions, and we think more information is better than less information in making these decisions.  Management has been elected to make decisions, but they must be responsible to the patrons of the school district for these decisions.
2.      DIRECTION 38! aims to ensure that District 38 shares with parents, teachers, and other taxpayers the information they use to make decisions that affect the students of this district. This goal directly supports Colorado’s Public School Financial Transparency Act.  ” 22-44-302.  Legislative declaration. The general assembly finds that members of the public, as taxpayers and parents, have a strong interest in how public moneys are expended in Colorado in the pursuit of a quality education for all of Colorado’s public school students. The general assembly further finds that educators and administrators, as education innovators and stewards of these public moneys, are eager to learn from one another and evaluate best practices that may result in efficiencies and potential cost savings for their schools. “
3.      DIRECTION 38! aims to provide the latest up-to-date information for parents, teachers, other taxpayers, and school administrators in a forum that enhances collaboration with our neighboring school districts to makes sure the flow of information back and forth will help to inspire solutions that are successful and fiscally responsible.  The annual summer forums presented by DIRECTION 38! are aimed at satisfying all of our goals but most especially this one.
4.      DIRECTION 38! aims to asks questions that need to be asked regarding significant decisions that affect efficient use of public tax money. We must not only ask our school district managers to keep the public informed, we must develop programs to instill within the public a desire to work with school and district managers to make sure fiscally conservative methods are used in the spending of public money.


As citizens of D-38, parents, teachers and other taxpayers are the “moral and legal owners of the District.”  Therefore, we should have access to all relevant information regarding our schools.
As concerned parents and community members we should be informed about the following:

          1.  Full disclosure on decisions impacting our students and community
          2.  Relevant information affecting this district and its performance
          3.  Accurate financial data

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